Sunday, April 19, 2009

End of the experiment - start of another

Unfortunately I have to report that the tomato plants did not survive being transplanted into soil. Removing them from the paper towel was too damaging. One of the six plants survived the ordeal - one from the kettle group.

I have restarted the test. This time I have planted seeds directly into plant pots. I have planted three tomato seeds per pot, I have used six pots, and this time divided them into three groups - seeds that are being fed water boiled in a microwave oven, seeds being fed water boiled in an electric kettle, and seeds being fed ordinary tap water.

I expect I shall have some photographs in about a week. I planted the seeds on April 12th, and already a couple are breaking through the soil.

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SueC said...

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.