Sunday, March 15, 2009

Start of a new test - March 15, 2009

I've been planning, for some weeks, on carrying out another test, comparing microwave heated water with water boiled in a kettle. I started by using grapefruit seeds; although all were taken from the same grapefruit, the sample was too small (four seeds in total) to allow for normal fluctuations in sprouting times.

So, yesterday we were at the hardware store and I bought a package of tomato seeds - and, as we live in an apartment, I chose patio tomatoes. I "planted" them today between glass and paper towels, six seeds per glass. In the container labeled "M" I am putting water that was boiled in our microwave oven. The one labeled "K" uses water boiled in our electric kettle. The water is at room temperature, of course, and is stored in glass containers. The paper towels absorb the water from the bottom of the glass, and so the seeds are being kept moist.

Over the next few weeks I shall periodiodically add new photographs so you can follow the progress of this little test.

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